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Due to a death in the family West Peak is closed for an indefinite period of time.


West Peak Inn offers many opportunities for snorkeling. Guests can stroll the beaches and snorkel from shore or take out the sit-on-tops to explore other parts of the reef. From the beaches guests and crew also may launch traditional island dories for short journeys to various dive sites. Scuba activities at West Peak are limited to experienced divers. West Peak staff can organize a day or two of scuba diving with a master diver on the island. However, if you are wanting an entire week of diving we suggest you book with a full dive resort.

The reefs of Guanaja encompass many superb underwater seascapes for scuba & snorkeling exploration - from wall dives to wrecks, from volcanic outcroppings to crags, crannies and caves. The Guanaja reefs still maintain their pristine nature in crystal clear waters with an abundant diversity of fish and coral life. Kayakers on the 1-week trip around the island can add a day or two of diving as they visit other inns and reosrts around the island.

Whatever the choice - be it a snorkel adventure into a hidden cove or a dive interspersed within a kayak journey - many exquisite undersea opportunities exist on the unspoiled isle of Guanaja.

Kayak Trips

Kayakers can explore the many coral shoals and illusive coves and cayes, and as the mood strikes them they can raft together and snorkel the spectacular dive sites. After paddling through mangrove marshes and open seas a hike up the fresh water creeks to a cool Caribbean waterfall is a delightful respite.

Each expedition is lead by a bilingual guide, experienced in boating, diving, and the local history of the islands. Paddlers will snorkel the undersea world of coral and colorful fish, meet local inhabitants in the stilted communities of NorthEast Bight and Pelican Bay, and camp on a small Cay on the edge of the reef where turtles swim and guests can be served Pina Coladas at their tent door.

Sea Kayak trips can be arranged year-round. Trips this year are best scheduled for Friday to Friday with actual departures from West Peak on Sunday followed with three nights out, and returning back to West Peak on Wednesday afternoon. Price is per person, double occupancy as necessary, and includes all Honduran taxes.

Other overnight options may be possible so please fell free to ask. All overnight kayak trips require a minimum of 2 persons to book.

Beach Retreat for Snorkelers & Day Kayakers

Guests are accommodated in individual cabins with large screened windows, private porches and private baths. The price includes cabin accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, 16% Honduran Tax, unlimited use of sit-on-top kayaks and snorkeling gear, hiking, beachcombing, casual fishing from the dock and shore, and boat transport to and from the Guanaja airstrip.

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