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Due to a death in the family West Peak is closed for an indefinite period of time.


Back from the beach at the foot of the hillside sits a scattering of cabins - each unique and nestled in the quiet, tropical greenness. Cabins have private baths, double or twin beds and mesh screened porches to discourage insects.

From each cabin door guests can stroll to the sandy shore to explore, swim or snorkel the uninhabited beaches. Or, they might wander up the hillside trails for an adventurous hike through the valleys of banana and pineapple then up to West Peak hilltop for panoramic views of Guanaja, the reefs, and the southern end of the neighboring island of Roatan.


The restaurant shaded by coconut palms is the center of activity at West Peak. The restaurant serves meals to guests, local visitors and passing boatman, who often swap a hot meal for fresh fish. The bar - with its view of the sea, the palms, and the white sandy beach - is always open for refreshments. The cook will blow the conch shell to announce the arrival of mealtimes.

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