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Due to a death in the family West Peak is closed for an indefinite period of time.

Welcome to West Peak InnΒΆ

Off the northern coast of Central America in the Western Caribbean lies Isla de Guanaja, a remote and pristine coral reef isle in the Bay Islands of Honduras. West Peak Inn - on Guanaja’s northwestern slope - is a collection of enchanting cabins rimmed by colorful gardens and catering to small groups of kayakers, beachcombers or other guests wanting a tropical retreat far from the crowds and stress of modern life!

Miles of empty beach, gentle surf and coral shoals allow guests to disappear into the warm solitude of their own private palm-shaded cove. These shores are part of one of the largest reef systems in the world. The island has a well-deserved reputation for world class diving and snorkeling.


The reef is a protected area and responsible practices are stressed to maintain its fragile beauty. The beaches at West Peak are sandy and perfect for swimming; the turquoise waters are so clear you can see the tiny fish scatter as your ankles disturb their school. The coral lies off shore at the West Peak beach and curves to meet the coast at the point, a short stroll away.

Sometimes during an evening swim the disturbed waters will glow giving your body a sparkling, greenish halo. This bioluminescent phenomena happens only at a handful of locations around the world.

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